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Kennis voor Collecties

Kennis voor Collecties

De Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed deed onderzoek naar roerend erfgoed binnen de Onderzoeksagenda 2008-2012. De resultaten van de 60 projecten zijn …

ARCHLAB the archives of European Museums and Cultural Heritage Institutions

ARCHLAB Available facility: ICN Data & scientific records
The access offered by the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage regards information stored in documentation files of the ICN library in Amsterdam. Information concerns typical objects and materials which were previously investigated at ICN, as paintings, textiles, furniture, metals, glass, ceramics, leather, plastics, pigments, binding media, varnish, resin, paper, books, inks, etc., all referred to periods varying from pre-history to date.
Typical information consists of historical documentation, analytical data, images, and reports on samples (including cross-sections). The information is partly registered in Dutch, partly in English, partly in German. An online database is available at

Luxure Closure or Heritage and Science

Primary task of botanical gardens nowadays is not scientific contribution but keeping visitor numbers. The Netherlands has 112 gardens, of those 10 arboretums and 25 independent botanical gardens three zoo-connected botanical gardens and 4 university gardens. A respectable number of gardens for a small country like the Netherlands. ‘A luxury problem if one or two gardens have to close’…

Project blog, WHY?

The CHARISMA project blog allows me to record events, opinions and ideas freely as individual posts without a container to define their scope. This project blog is not only meant as project dissemination, as in the traditional communication point of view, but also as a public message broadcast trying to evoke a direct feedback from the audience.

CHARISMA joint research activity

The task innovative methods and instrumentation for laboratory research is concerned also with organic colouring matters in works of art and objects of cultural heritage. These materials often suffer changes in colour or other forms of deterioration over time. One result of this is that our perception of the object itself may be affected; more prosaically, the colouring matters are sometimes hard to identify. Thus a better knowledge of these materials will help to improve our understanding of these art works and also assist considerably in their conservation

CHARISMA Project Introduction

In this new blog I will give you a glimpse into the CHARISMA project aswell as my experiences throughout the project. First of all let me propperly introduce you with the project.

Nieuwe weblog Van Goghs atelierpraktijk

Het baanbrekende onderzoek van het Van Gogh Museum, ICN en Shell is vanaf vandaag te volgen via een nieuwe, speciaal ontwikkelde webblog …

Kenniscentrum Glas

Zoals we allemaal kunnen weten is glas is een amorfe (niet-kristallijne) vaste stof, die voornamelijk bestaat uit de stof silica of siliciumdioxide …