Symposium improved conservation strategies for gilt leather


31 March 2016, 10am – 5pm
Hosted by: Bonnefanten Museum and Stichting Atelier Limburg (SRAL), in Maastricht.

This one-day international symposium on gilt leather presents current conservation challenges, the state of the art in material degradation research, new art historical findings, and the potentialof the application of diagnostic techniques from different engineering fields. The programme is intended for a wider audience of owners and custodians of gilt leather wall hangings and collections, conservators of different disciplines, conservation scientists, students and other interested parties.

The symposium will be followed by an international expert meeting on Friday the 1st of April (invitation only).

This event is part of the Gilt Leather Project, within the context of the Netherlands Institute for Conservation, Art and Science (NICAS), that aims to define the research agenda for the conservation of gilt leather for 2017-2025.

Practical information:
Hosted by: Stichting Atelier Maastricht
Venue: Bonnefanten Museum, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Participation in the symposium on the 31st of March (10.00 – 17.00) is free, including coffee, tea, lunch and drinks. Registration is required:

For any questions regarding the symposium and the project please contact
Martine Posthuma de Boer,
Financial support: Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).
Auditorium by Bonnefanten Museum. Drinks by SRAL.

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