CHARISMA workshop and training June 2013

Location: Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, Poland

The meeting will consist of two events:

• New techniques for the non-invasive investigation of the surface and subsurface structure of heritage objects 25-26 June 2013
This two-day workshop, organised under the CHARISMA EU-funded project, will focus on advances in the non-invasive investigation of the surface and sub-surface structure of objects. A number of techniques of this kind are being developed within CHARISMA, including optical coherence tomography, terahertz spectroscopy and imaging, combined time-resolved and steady-state fluorimetry, single-sided NMR tomography and IR scanning confocal microscopy. This event will bring together expertise in these and other relevant techniques, through a series of invited presentations describing the characteristics and capabilities of each type of instrumentation, with the emphasis on practical applications in the cultural heritage field. There is also an open call for poster submissions for the event.
There will be no fee for the event. Location: Department of Mathematics.

• Training on application of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) to structural analysis 27-28 June 2013
This two-day training event will be dedicated to traditional and innovative applications of OCT to the examination of objects. During the first day the physical background and a review of the state-of-the-art of OCT will be presented and the most advanced applications to cultural heritage will also be reviewed. A second day will be mostly devoted to practical training with utilisation of the OCT instrument built for the project.

There will be no fee for the event. Location: Institute of Physics.

Invitation for submission of meeting posters

Although the main programme will comprise mainly invited presentations, an open call is being made for poster presentations on the themes of the workshop. In addition to the dedicated poster session that has been timetabled, six poster submissions will be chosen for short oral presentations (10-15 mins each) in one session of the workshop. An abstract of a maximum of 400 words should be submitted by email to Deadline: 15th April 2013. Authors will be notified about acceptance before 30th April 2013.

Further information

There will be no fee for this event. Further information on the scope of this event, topics and poster submission, as well as practical arrangements (registration, location and accommodation) can be found on the conference website: or by contacting Marika Spring, National Gallery, London (

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