LED: a hype with prospects?

The European Union has stated that LEDs are ‘the light of the future’.  This means that our museums and monuments will be illuminated with LEDs in the mere future, if we like it or not. Although manufactures claim that the LED is adequate for museum exhibition purposes, many museums remain resistant. A few days ago a blogpost on Collectiewijzer informed about the publication ‘Electric light in historic interiors’ that appeared in May 2011, showing that replacement of bulbs in monuments not an easy task.

With the current doubts on the efficiency of the LED, you (as a heritage specialist) may start to wonder: if manufactures, such as ERCO, Proliad and Philips state that LED is a qualified lighting source for museum exhibition purposes, then why haven’t more museums invested in LED yet? Can LEDs really live up to museum standards and guidelines? Can museums really finance it?

And an even more intriguing question, to my opinion is, is it possible that when using LED in your lighting design you will be able to contribute to a new collective perception of in ways we never even thought possible?

If you are interested in investing in LED for your exhibition spaces please download A vision on LED, read it in your eBook, tab, iPad or take a look at it below. The research done for this paper consists of the following topics: Finance, New Technology, Sustainability, Pre-conservation, Presentation/Aesthetics and Health issues.
For more information please visit: http://www.wix.com/sjoukjekerman/cultuurbelichting

A Vision on LED – Sjoukje Kerman

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