CHARISMA Expert Meeting on Natural Organic Colorants

Thumbnail Impressions of the MeetingMaking silk clippings from yarns is a laborious jobThe workshop room was slightly refurnished each day to facilitate the different experimentsDifferent dye recipes were tested prior to the expert meeting the results lead to small changes in the standard recipesPigments were prepared prior to the meetingWool was pre-treated with different mordantsThibaut (British Museum) guarding his extractionThe extraction from the plant material was done in a polyester bag Solenne (Museo del Prado) working on her dyesSaffron is a direct dye and was used to dye unmordant silk getting a golden colourNot sure what is happening hereOn the first day different organic colourants recipes were usedLearning from the resultsAnnatto seeds give brilliant orange colors by adding potash to the dye bath  Prior dyed with cochineal silk yarns are cutted into small pieces for pigment preparationOn the second day everyone worked on two recipes one red and one yellowChanging one parameter of the recipe give a different color toneThe second day focus lay on the weld (yellow) and madder (red) plantsDye resultsDrying pigments after washingDemonstration of natural indigo dyeing during the third dayThe complexation of the pigment is visible as effervecence Pigment washing can be accelerated with a centrifugePigment prepare from cocheneal dyed silk extractionJo Kirby Atkinson talking about the pigments prepared on the last day

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  In the context of the CHARISMA project, two  workshops will be organized next year; one devoted to dyeing with natural organic colorants which will be held at the Royal institute for cultural heritage in Brussels KIK/IRPA. The second workshop will focus on pigment preparation from natural organic colorants and will be held at the Doerner institute in Munich.

 Prior to these workshops an expert meeting was organized at the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage (ICN). This expert meeting was dedicated both on dyeing and pigment preparation from natural organic colorants. The main goals of this meeting were; one to serve as a pilot for the workshops to be held next year in Munich and Brussels, two to share knowledge with the European partners working with these subjects and three to create new reference materials, that can be used as study objects.

 The institutes taking part in the CHARISMA expert meeting were:

 Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR- ICVBC/IFAC/INOA), Italy | Doerner Institute, Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen, Germany | Idryma Ormylia -Art Diagnosis Centre, Greece | Institut Royal du Patrimoine Artistique (KIK/IRPA), Belgium | Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid | Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage (ICN), Netherlands |  The British Museum, United Kingdom | The National Gallery, United Kingdom | Università degli Studi di Perugia, Italy

  Two expert guests were invited to take part in this meeting: 

– Dr. Regina Hofmann-de Keijzer, University of applied science Vienna

– Arie Wallert, Rijkmuseum Amsterdam

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