Project blog, WHY?

Tacit Knowledge

Let me first start with the term ‘Project blog’ which is a type of weblog that records a project or a deliverable task detailing the end goal, procedures and status updates. It promotes sharing of tacit knowledge by narratively recording projects’ research and development process.


The CHARISMA project blog allows me to record events, opinions and ideas freely as individual posts without a container to define their scope. This project blog is not only meant as project dissemination, as in the traditional communication point of view, but also as a public message broadcast trying to evoke a direct feedback from the audience. The ICN CHARISMA project blog task will be part of one of the work packages involving network activities. Once a project finishes, the blog will be considered out-dated and all previous posts could be deleted as ICN’s archives norms dictates.

Uncertainty offers opportunity

This project blog will record the developmental story of my contributions and points of view of CHARISMA. During blogging, the project result and timelines are still uncertain. With the only certainty of the determination to achieve the project goals, the project and blogging continues. When the project develops, this uncertainty usually allows room for research and experiment which will lead to knowledge creation. I look forward to these developments and I will try to be as narrative as I can be.

– Art Néss Proaño Gaibor –

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