Collections Mobility 2.0: Train-the-trainers?

As has been mentioned in the previous blog, the Steering Group of the Collections Mobility 2.0 Lending for 21st Century – project (or C.M. 2.0) wants to address all related themes of Collections Mobility on a more hands-on matter then usually happens in the museum field.

In general, topics as state indemnity and immunity from seizure are discussed on conferences where the top of the museum world gathers and, at the end of the meeting, the whole group unanimously agrees on the fact the something should be done about it. Sometimes, a written report follows, but further progress fails to materialize. Until the next gathering, where the same people meet, where everybody nods yes (again) on the statement that SOMETHING SHOULD REALLY BE DONE THIS TIME!

By using the Train-the-trainers principle the Steering Group hopes to break this chain. In the two workshops that will be organized (December 2010 Antwerp and February 2011 Budapest), museum professionals from all E.U. countries, that have the ability to transfer information to their peers, will learn how to use collections mobility instruments on the most effective manner.

These instruments are offered and explained by specialists on each addressed key issue:

  • Valuation, insurance, non-insurance and state indemnity
  • Loan administration 1: Temporary loans, traveling exhibitions and immunity from seizure
  • Loan administration 2: Long term loans and collections research.

Next to these key issues, a simulation game is part of the 3 day workshop. Here the getting down and dirty part starts already. By simulating possible situations, the experts and the trainers can, together, find the best solutions, with the possibility of direct feedback.

After these workshops, the trainers will be able to pass on the gained knowledge to other museum professionals in their countries. In this way, the word on how to execute international collections mobility will be spread. Not only among the conference-gurus, but as well to the museum professionals that need to use these instruments.

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