Collections Mobility 2.0: Lending for Europe (eng)

Sharing collections is seen as one of the most important tasks of museums. The fysical lending of objects is part of it. Unfortunately, practice has shown that lending on an international level is not easy and therefore this is not used to it’s full extend.  This is the main reason why the European Union started the project “ 2.0 Lending for Europe 21st Century”

After all those theoretically based symposiums(2003-Greece, 2004-The Netherlands, 2005-UK, 2006-Finland, 2007-Germany), the time has come to get down and dirty, less debate, more hands-on! The steering group came with the idea of a train-the-trainers workshop, that will be held in Antwerp (dec 2010) and Budapest (febr. 2011) for museum professionals that are able to make the information they get on such a workshop their own and once returned to their home country, can transfer the information to other museum professionals. And those workshops exist mainly out of the question HOW, instead of WHY.

Subjects such as state-indemnity, long term loans, insurance vs noninsurance will be brought to you by knowledgeable professionals that have the power to inspire. All information will be published on: (on air in april) and updates will be delivered via the Group: International and Twitter:

Read more on on the NEMO website:

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